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Expectation & Ideation

Explore idea generation,fill out narrative,exploring new ideas,create presentation for steering commitee. involves a closer evaluation of the product concept. 

Research & Development

Market research and concept studies are undertaken to determine if the idea is feasible or within a relevant business context to the company or to the consumer.

Product Engineering

Engineers are responsible for “how” the product is built — collaborating on features and user stories, estimating work, planning sprints, and releasing new functionality.

Technical Implementation

The idea, or product concept at this point, must be tested on a true customer base. The testers reactions can then be leveraged to adjust develop the according to the feedback.

Audience Requirement

The goals of promotion are to present the product to the target audience increasing demand by doing so and to illustrate the value of the product. 


Market and distribute the final product to and through the appropriate channels. The product is now available to everyone and the “product lifecycle” begins.


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